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There are four main city-states/nations in Aetolia that a player can be a member of: Bloodloch, Duiran, Enorian, and Spinesreach. Each city has their own set of ideals and goals that define their place in the world.

Player Cities

Bloodloch, the Sanguine Fist
A subterranean city located deep within the Vashnar Mountains, Bloodloch is the ancestral city of the Consanguine. The city regards undeath very highly, and it's rare for them to tolerate a citizen who has not embraced the gift of the undying. Bloodloch houses the guilds of Indorani, Teradrim and Bloodborn and the households of the grand Imperial Dominion.
Duiran, the Heart of the Wilds
The Duiran Council is not actually a city, but it operates in the same way as the rest of the player cities. Dedicated to the preservation of the wilderness, the council follows the Divine Triad, and have no love for the undead beings who live outside the cycle. The council itself resides in the Great Oak and the village of Eleusis. Duiran houses the guilds of Sentinels, Shamans, and Sentaari.
Enorian, the Beacon of Light
Located on the most southeastern tip of Sapience, the Beacon of Light is home to those who fight against the forces of shadow, corruption and undeath. Many of its citizens follow the Light, a path which guides their actions for benefit of Life. Enorian is home to the guilds of Ascendril, Templars, Illuminai.
Spinesreach, the Lion of the North
Spinesreach is the ancient home of the Ankyrean Order, nestled in a pass that connects the Dry Plains and the Southern Tundra. It tends to hold a neutral view on the undeath vs living conflict, instead choosing to focus itself on self-improvement. Spinesreach houses the guilds of Archivists, Syssin, and Sciomancers.

Non-Player Cities

Esterport, the City of Trade
The city of Esterport lies on the isle of Delos in the middle of the mighty Zaphar river on the east edge of Sapience. Esterport has defined itself as a place devoted, in the main, to the arts of trade. A township which swears a neutral stance, Esterport does not allow player citizenship, which frees it of official agenda or political stance, allowing it to enjoy its renowned status as the country's largest trading hub.
The Free City of Delve
Nestled on the far north-western coast of Albedos, the Port City of Delve is the last bastion of hope for the populace of those not yet enslaved by the Dreikathi. With the Dreikathi having seized up all other free cities, the Port of Delve quickly grew into a melting pot of all the various races of Albedos. Those counted as enemies of the Dreikathi are welcomed as allies within the walls of Delve, as long as they abide by the laws of the city. Delve is also home to the only known access point between both the continent of Sapience and that of Albedos outside of attempting to brave the violent waters that separate them.
Nazedha, the Last Bastion of Darkness
Set upon the largest island in the western seas, the City of Nazedha is the capital of the seafaring Nazedha Empire and the birthplace of the Nazetu. As yet inaccessible to non-Nazetu, due to the dark blessings of Chakrasul, the city is a hub of alcohol, corruption, drugs, slavery, and oppression, where non-Nazetu are slaves and the Sages of Lanu Du hold full reign. The Dark Spire, the most sacred place in the Nazedha Empire, lies at the city's center, along with a number of other religious buildings and the city's pylon. Free outsiders are not permitted into the city, and even if they passed the holy veil upon the Nazedha islands they would undoubtedly be killed on sight.