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                        [HOUSE LEADERS]
                      Praetor: Asaraii
                Divine Patron: Chakrasul, Dark Mother
                         City: Bloodloch

There is one overarching principle upon which House D'baen is built. Where many identify themselves with interests, status, or ideas, House D'baen discards such focus in favour of Excellence.

Founded by Empress Faith D'baen, fourth Childe of the Primus, the D'baen embrace the Noble birthright of all Consanguine. The Blood is an honour bestowed only upon the most worthy of mortals. Unwavering and proud in its history, House D'baen pays homage to its roots, fusing tradition with innovation and progressive thinking. The successes of the past align with the brilliance of the future to push members beyond the limits of their potential.

Loyalty is expected and prized; from individual to House, House to Blood, and Blood to the Legacies and Edicts of the Primus. House D'baen prizes this concept highly and does not take lightly to the discarding of such. As individuals bind themselves to the House, so too does the House return this loyalty, a catalytic relationship propelling both to undiscovered heights.

Members are expected to achieve Excellence in their chosen pursuits. Know that the Gift is very much a privelege, not a right. Those who bear the proud name of D'baen have truly earned their ascension.