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The Gods (also called the Divine) of Aetolia can be likened to what other MUDs might call wizards or admin, and indeed, they are characters that also perform the administrative functions of the game, including coding, bug-fixing, building, and enforcement of the game's rules.

Their in-game involvement varies by god to god, with some preferring to keep a distant but watchful eye on the world and its denizens, whereas some, like Omei, are notorious for meddling in even the smallest affairs of mortals.

Divine Lore

Most of the first Gods were created by Varian, and were given multifarious, yet very specific domains over which they ruled (e.g. Severn's realm concerned lies and deceit; Slyphe governed storms and ocean-based life forms). These beings created the first races of Aetolia, and blessed them with some of Their essence, enabling them to breathe underwater, fly in the air, dig deep into the earth, or other vital qualities.

Power Structure

The Gods are infused with roughly equal power, though they feud often, and are easily capable of gaining the upper hand against another if challenged on their own domains. Lleis, for instance, would be hard-pressed to best Dhar in single combat in the Plane of Souls.

Only three gods are considered indisputably more powerful than the others: these are Varian, Galleus, and Severn, the latter claiming to be the brother of the Celestine. Severn has been bested often in the past, however, so these claims may be only the perpetuations the God of Artifice is known for.


All of the Gods of Sapience have a mortal vessel that their essence enhabits. The only exception is Dhar, and the Creator-level Gods (Varian, Galleus). Dhar's form is different to that of His siblings' in that He is a soul - the first created in Aetolia, and done by Varian's own hands. This unique circumstance allows the Underking certain advantages over His siblings, including being able to materialize without a vessel, and visiting the continent of Albedos. While a vessel is not necessary for the Gods to exist, it is necessary should they wish to materalize onto the Prime Material Prime.

Typically, when a God gets injured, it is Their vessel that sustains the injury. Grievous injuries have been known to kill a God's vessel, forcing Them to seek a new one. There have been notable exceptions when a God's essence has been directly damaged. These injuries can usually never be recovered from. Examples include Severn losing His arm to the Kerrithrim in an attack that damaged His very essence, and Lanos being devoured by Ohlsana, the Shadow Mother, forcing His essence to merge with the essence of Arion in order to survive. Another example, Lleis, has had the very fabric of Her essence changed such that She is no longer able to be recognized as a God.

The effect on the God when taking a new shell varies wildly. Some Gods will change little, others will go as far as to change Their name. It is speculated that the degree of this change is influenced by how the God chooses to interact with their vessel's mind and memories. Some Gods will form a communion with their vessel, others will outright suppress or otherwise consume their vessel's mind.

List of Current Gods and their Vessels

God Vessel
Auresae, Goddess of Fire Oniala
Chakrasul, Child of Twilight Irijali
Damariel, the Unbound Danerran
Dhar, the Underking None required
Galleus, the Voidseer None required (Creator-level God)
Haern, the Hunter Unknown
Iosyne, the Malevolent Llazuth
Ivoln, the Earthen Lord Unknown
Maghak, the Sovereign An unknown icewyrm patriarch.
Omei, the Artist Omei (a mortal of the same name)
Severn, the Manipulator Argas
Slyphe, the Maelstrom Unknown

List of Past/Deceased/Changed Gods

Lanos, Lord of Truth Rahn, God of Fire
Ysmali, the Sanguine Dhaivol, the Underking
Khepri, the Seething Chaos Belakai, the Shaper
Arion, the Truthseeker Lleis, Goddess of Renewal
Niuri, the Ultraist Varian the Celestine

List of Unknown or Foreign Gods

These Gods have been hinted at in snatches of lore or past events. Their whereabouts, true names, and powers are unknown. It is not even certain they are Gods at all.

Ohlsana, the Shadow Mother Lanu Du
Odravh, the Abyssal

List of Non-canonical Gods

These gods have no in-role function, no real lore, and only exist to help with administrative functions of the game.

Belakai, the Shaper Senior Administrator Veritas
Administrator Tisiphone Administrator Megaera
Becue, the Crafter Ere, the Celebrant
Tydeus, the Parity Razmael, the Synthesist
Tsoede, the Architect Pericles
Administrator Alecto Nalus, the Liaison