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An Idreth is a mortal who has, through sheer willpower and refined focus, mastered the very matter and energy of their form. Much like the vaunted Yeleni and Azudim, an Idreth can marshal their power towards a number of remarkable effects. However, unlike their ascended brethen, the inhuman abilities of the Idreth stem from mastery of their own body; they have no need for divine essence, for they have access to their own vast reserves. Their name comes from an ancient Kalsu word translating to 'weaver' or 'craftsman'.

To ascend to the form of the Idrethi, you must TRANSCEND SELF.

Idrethi receive the following racial skills automatically.

- Health Regeneration
- Endurance Regeneration
- Willpower Regeneration
- Blood Regeneration
- Natural Clotting


- This command will automatically heal a random affliction from 
  the player.


- This command will shift half your health or mana (which ever is 
  higher) to improve the other.


- Grant you and those around you a significant defence against