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The Aetolian Mythos

Aetolia's mythology is a bit different than most mythologies that one might have encountered before. In what mortals refer to as the Year 1 MA, Severn, Lord of Artifice, wiped out the memories of every sentient creature in Aetolia, save Himself, and the Creator, Varian, the Celestine.

Only recently has Qeddwyn, the last of the Ankyrean Order, begun to remember the things he saw before this event. As his memory recovers, he passes the stories onto mortals in an effort to restore what was lost.

The general history of Aetolia, however, is broken up into three Immortal Epochs, the last of which we stand in now. Within the Third Immortal Epoch are nested Three Mortal Epochs, the last of which began with the Grand Artifice.

The Immortal Epochs