Shamans (Guild)

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The Shamans
Hand of the PraadiAishia
Divine PatronHaern, the Hunter
AuspicesArbre, Meltas, and Yero
Spirit GuideYero
Main Help File(HELP SHAMAN)
Spritwalkers of the Heartwood

The Shamans are one of the guilds of the council of Duiran. Marked as spiritwalkers and seers, they commune with the spirits of Dendara and keep constant vigil over the sacred plane. The sanctum guildhall may be found within the depths of Duiran and is protected by the Watcher of the Heartwood, Ivaryen. Within the cavernous halls, the Elder Oranis teaches both young and old of the shamanic path, while the Spiritwalker Besram creates herbal tinctures and melanges to imbibe.


A sickness of blight and corruption wormed its way through the whole of Dendara with the cleansing of the Aalen Forest in 324 MA. Drawing the blight of the Dreikathi into itself at the bidding of Haern, the Hunter, Dendara was ravaged by the disease and the spirit beasts within went mad as it tore at their very essence and began to threaten the Great Oak which both Druid and Sentinel called home. Twisted beasts began to appear across Sapience, decimating anything that passed in their wake as they sought both Hunter and Great Oak. Madness had claimed the spirits and now they sought the destruction of the Great Oak and Hunter. Hesh'ali ol-Veri, a leviathan of the depths and matron to the seas, appeared in the Hunting Grounds of Haern and then the great Alshek who was impaled to the Great Oak in the depths of the Sentinel's halls as both had tried to destroy the very heart of the Great Oak. The darkness in the heart of Dendara did not fade with their deaths, but instead reached outward to destroy the Great Oak once more and sever the connection the whole of Duiran had to the wilds.

As the Druids sought to cleanse the whole of Dendara, they found themselves riven from the land and their spirit beasts they had once called on to transform their bodies. Terrible pain and phantom visions riddled their bodies and minds. Their tutor, Avellana, tried to call upon the spirits and was rent asunder as the beast tore away from her great limbs in terror.

Political History


365 MA - Haern, the Hunter became the first patron of the Shamans

Leadership of the Shamans

365 MA - Aishia Celaeno arose as the first Hand of the Praadi

371 MA - Gilrath Lynceus replaced Aishia as the Hand of the Praadi

376 MA - Arbre Aquila replaced Gilrath as the Hand of the Praadi


Oranis, a warrior of the Dion an Duir and Elder amongst the Shamans, dwells within the sanctuary of the Shamans and serves as a tutor.

Besram, an augur and spiritwalker, resides within the sanctuary of the Shamans and trades in melanges of herbs for imbibing in ritual.

Ivaryen, Watcher of the Heartwood, is a great treant who once watched over the Vintal Glade in ancient times. With the awakening of the Praadi an-Kiar, it took root within the depths of the Heartwood and now guards the passage to both sanctum and the hallowed gateway to Dendara.