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In Aetolia there are four primary stats which affect your character - Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Constitution.

Primary Statistics


Brawn. Muscle. An index of how physically forceful your character is.

  • Strength directly influences the damage values of Tekura combos, Dhuriv combos, various strikes from CarnifexIcon.png[Carnifex] and TemplarIcon.png[Templar], SkillIcon.png[Frenzy], SkillIcon.png[Garrote], and much more.
  • Strength has little use other than to increase damage output.


A measure of your character's speed and reaction time. The ability to multitask or instinctively avoid attack.

  • High Dexterity scores will allow you to dodge attacks more frequently.
  • The damage of the venoms SkillIcon.png[Sumac] and SkillIcon.png[Camus] are heavily derived from the character's Dexterity score.
  • Dexterity will also increase the damage of SkillIcon.png[Bonedagger]. Because high Dexterity statpacks are often coupled with increased balance gain, this makes Dexterity a valuable stat for IndoraniIcon.png[Indorani], whose Tarot attacks are based on balance.


Your character's cleverness, inventiveness, and mental aptitude. Natural skill with magic, sciences, and other lofty concepts.

  • Intelligence provides you with more mana, and more willpower.
  • Examples of skills whose damage increases effectively with Intelligence are SkillIcon.png[Staffcast], SkillIcon.png[Decay], SkillIcon.png[Crush], and more.
  • A CabalistIcon.png[Cabalist] will value high Intelligence, as the increased mana synergizes well with SkillIcon.png[Link], making them effectively tankier.


Physical sturdiness and internal well-being. Your character's threshold for pain, and ability to go long distances without tiring.

  • Constitution affects very little, but is a vital statistic, as it increases your health and endurance.

Secondary Statistics


A measure of your character's stamina, and ability to fight tirelessly. Your endurance regenerates very slowly, though this regeneration rate can be affected by various means.

  • Moving from room to room will take a very small amount of endurance.
  • Physical attacks (Tekura, weapon swings, swipes, etc.) will drain substantial amounts of endurance.
  • When your endurance reaches 25% or lower, you will begin to notice your character feeling exceedingly tired, sweating profusely, or breathing heavily.
  • Some skills, such as SkillIcon.png[Recuperating], will confer a large passive gain in endurance, so long as you do not break the effect. Others, like SkillIcon.png[Invigorate], will grant you an immediate endurance gain.
  • You can increase your endurance regeneration by wearing a Mountain tattoo, increasing your Fitness level, residing in a room with increased endurance regeneration, or through racials.


Like endurance, but pertaining to endurance of the mind; the ability to concentrate on extremely complex tasks without losing your nerve.

  • Willpower is drained primarily through magical abilities.
  • Maintaining a SkillIcon.png[Mind Lock] will drain small amounts of Willpower, but activating passives such as SkillIcon.png[Mind Sapience] or SkillIcon.png[Mind Listen] will increase the drain dramatically.
  • When your willpower reaches 25% or lower, your mind will begin to feel plodding, and your attention will be stolen by even the most mundane sights.
  • Willpower can be restored passively through skills such as SkillIcon.png[Symphony], or actively through SkillIcon.png[Replenish].
  • Willpower regenerates much in the same way endurance does, through natural means, the Owl tattoo, the Philosophy skill, or racials.

Tertiary Statistics


Literally, the amount of blood stored in your body.

  • PraenomenIcon.png[Praenomen] and File:BloodbornIcon.png[Bloodborn] use blood to power many of their abilities, especially those in Sanguis and Hematurgy. These abilities have varying costs, ranging from negligible to exhausting.
  • If a vampire manages to deplete their blood supply, they will go into a bloodrage, attacking anyone in sight uncontrollably.
  • PraenomenIcon.png[Praenomen] must SkillIcon.png[Feed] from corpses or willing/disabled living victims to replenish their blood. File:BloodbornIcon.png[Bloodborn] draw blood from the same victims by using their bloodwisp.
  • Blood rarely comes into play for a non-vampiric character, but is drained if they are fed from, or slit their wrists.
  • If a non-vampiric character's blood reserves reach 0%, they will die.
  • It is possible to have more than 100% blood. No one is really sure what this means, but maybe you plump up a little.


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