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Troll people
Bokag, former King of Hashan
Populationapprox. 10000
DistributionAll across Sapience, but most particularly the Stormcaller Crag, Spinesreach, Southeastern Sapience, Mostyn, Enorian, Iron Hill, Hashan (destroyed).
StrengthsLarge, powerful, resilient.
WeaknessesSlow learners, not talented with magic.
Large, muscular humanoids with great strength, upraised by Arion, favored by Damariel

Infamous for their tempers and berserking rages, Trolls are a sturdy, stalwart race, famed for their ability in battle. While it is rare to find a master scholar among the Trolls, the race excels in physical combat, augmenting their struggles with mastering magic by embracing a deep appreciation for weaponry and sheer strength. Originally created by the God Arion, Trolls are known for their loyalty, and can make fierce, sometime stubborn allies, and rarely abandon a goal once they have decided to achieve it. Trolls have several villages scattered across Sapience, with their main kingdom found in the ruins of Hashan, while a small enclave exists up north in Stormcaller Crag, the seat of the God Maghak who took the Troll king's body as a vessel for His creation. Physically, they are a large race with craggy features and large teeth, tending towards slender, yet muscular, builds, while their skin ranges from ruddy-orange to light green in hue.

Trolls are large, slender humanoids with impressive physical abilities and a tendency towards explosive tempers. Their rough, leathery skin is found in a variety of hues. While some Trolls can be found with ruddy-orange flesh, others are a light, mossy green. The metabolism of the Troll race is legendary, as is their ability to regenerate most any wound. Where the Trolls excell in the physical arts, they suffer in those magical, and their relatively low intelligence often results in very interesting speech patterns.

Racial Skills

Upon reaching certain levels, this race gains the following skills.

Level Name Description
1 Satiation
  • Masters of their metabolisms, Trolls can SATIATE before consuming a meal to receive more nourishment from their food, ensuring they need to eat less, at more infrequent intervals.
25 Gripping
  • Trolls can naturally GRIP their weapons, ensuring they will not be knocked out of their hands, even if their limbs are broken.
50 Health Regeneration
  • Trolls will passively regenerate health.
75 Natural Clotting
  • This skill passively clots bleeding, stacking alongside the moss tattoo.
100 Troll's Blood
    Once per Howling, you can BOOST HEALTH to gain an additional 8% of your max health to your passive health regeneration for 2 minutes.