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Ivoln is one of Aetolia's Gods.

As Dhaivol brooded, and Dhar's thoughts turned ever to the Cycle that He had once abandoned, feelings of rancor brought about an eventual sundering that led to the return of Ivoln, the Earthen Lord. His renewed presence and physical form can only be attributed to a former host of Goreskrat valley, a faithful servant in Undeath.

As has been in times past, jurisdiction of the Earth lies solely with Him and His children - the Undead. It is through the Earth that those who serve Him, and those who would carry His gift, are given renewed life and strength. Those who seek to serve Him should not expect to be coddled by the Earth's embrace, but to be reshaped, molded, and taught to better themselves through His domain.

His symbol is that of a black marble egg: a metaphor for the vast differences between His Undead and the living. The wyrm of the Earth, a creature carved from His domain and known for its ferocity and strength, also finds its place among His favour.