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War Badges
A This user is an Administrator.
They fight for truth, justice, and the Aetolian way.
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Level 103.
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1366 edits to the wiki.
This user is an Aetolian Loremaster.
And they need to get out more.
Hi! I play Lin and Anfini on Aetolia.

I am an administrator of AetoliaWiki, and help maintain the site CSS, structure, and many of the templates in use. Please see my talk page if you have any questions for me.

Lin's Portal

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Linnykins's Subpages





System Messages

Category List

To Do

  • Finish the community portals.
  • Tone down the graphical effects of various templates, to make them match the rest of the wiki. The wiki needs a custom graphical overhaul.
  • "Splash page" on the Cities article.
  • Special CSS tables for each city.
  • Special CSS tables for the gods.
  • Hell, let's make CSS tables for the classes, too!
  • Create master template page.
  • Custom class icons (shrink size to 18x18, or possibly 16x16).

Articles to create/clarify

  1. Sapience
  2. Duiran
  3. Ancient Heartwood
  4. Eleusis
  5. Albedos