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Skill Rank Percent Description
Proficiencies Inept 0% Gaining proficiencies in individual weapons.
Targetting Capable 0% Aiming your blows at specific body parts.
WeaponProbe Adept 0% Learning of venoms or magical effects on weapons.
Parrying Skilled 0% The ability to parry attacks.
Decapitate Skilled 40% Hack the head from a player's corpse.
Weaponbelts Skilled 80% Wield weapons with ease.
Envenom Gifted 0% Coat a weapon in venoms.
Throwing Expert 0% Greatly improve your chances of hitting when throwing.
TargetThrow Virtuoso 0% The ability to throw at specific body parts.
Armaments Fabled 0% Gauge the effectiveness of arms and armor at a glance.
Shatter Mythical 0% Deliver a limb-crushing blow.
Returning Mythical 46% Quickly fetch weapons you have thrown.
Behead Transcendent 0% He was an ugly bugger anyway.
Brainsmash Transcendent 0% Using a blunt weapon, smash your target's brain into pulp.