Juxa Steelhew

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Juxa Steelhew
The Queen of Ruin, the Vagrant Queen, wielder of the Demon Blade.

Juxa Steelhew was a Troll warrior originating from Hashan. Descended from the royal bloodline of the Troll Kings by way of her mother, Ogba, she was tall, powerfully built and possessed of great natural abilities. After disagreements with her family on the proper route for the Troll race to pursue, Steelhew left the city at a young age to venture into the wide world. Her adventuring led her, in time, to the legend of Gar'losha and eventually to the Demon Blade itself, precipating the events of the Steelhew War.

After raising and subsequently losing an army of Trollish irregulars against the combined forces of Duiran, Enorian, Spinesreach and Bloodloch, Juxa Steelhew was found dead in her Hashan citadel, pinned to her throne by the Demon Blade itself. The manner of and reason for her death remain a mystery.