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Long ago, a large number of Atav in the Aerie decided the mating with humans was an abomination. They gathered their like-minded numbers and flew north - finding a stout mountain that held an extremely large stone of blue at the top. This stone seemed alive and called to them.

The mountain was settled by a large number of humans already, who they enslaved and used to build their village. This village came known as the Skythrone, which was named after the throne at the very top of their land. The throne itself is carved from that stone that called to them, only the Tsvi'iveyti ever being the chosen one to sit upon it due to the history it is a reminder of.

After the Three Widow War finished with a surrender on their part, they opened up their land to outsiders for the first time in many an age. What mysteries lie within may take some proving of oneself to reveal, but they can be a generous people to those that they trust.