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|area_name    = The Dry Plains
|terrain      = Scrubland, Plains
|roomcount    = 80
|weather      = Frigid climate; little to no rain
|desc         = A desolate expanse of frozen land, the stepping stone to [[Spinesreach]].

|denizens_1   = Bandits
|denizens_2   = Wild horses
  • type: Determines the category name the area article will be placed into.
  • area_name: The full name for the area (may include extensions such as "The City of" for Delos, etc.)
  • terrain: A summary of terrain types found in the area.
  • roomcount: A rough estimate of how many rooms are in the area. A close guess is good - an exact count is better!
  • weather: Prevailing weather in the area. Can usually be marked as 'mild' or 'normal', but keep in mind places such as Liruma Scrublands or Hashan that rain frequently, etc.)
  • desc: A flavorful description that sits at the bottom of the area's infobox.
  • denizens_#: The types of mobs found in this area.