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To adhere to a cause in exemplary fashion and ask nothing in return except the integrity of your companions is the definition of a champion.



To our New Users

  • Log in and have at it! It is recommended that you view the Community Discussion page for useful places to get started.
  • Remember that everything you do leaves a permanent trail, and vandalism is not only easily reversible, but will result in your character being punished. So don't do it!

What is the Aetolia Wiki?

  • A repository of information concerning lore for the Iron Realms MUD, Aetolia, the Midnight Age. Anyone who plays the game can edit it, and if you have a character, you can log in as that character right now using your character name and password!

Why a wiki when we have help files?

  • The aim of this wiki is to elaborate on information that would be too lengthy, cumbersome, or unfitting to put into in-game help files. The usefulness of a website in this format is that moving from page to page is easy and organic, making it a useful reference!

How do I use the wiki?

  • The navigation panel on the left contains numerous topics you can get started with, or you can try searching for something you might like to read about. You can also check the most recent changes to see what's been added or modified as of late.