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The Nazedha Empire
TerritoryThe seas and islands west of Sapience.
Guild affiliationSages.
City affiliationNazedha.
A coalition of Nazetu who remained in the west when their brethren set out to conquer Sapience; now that the first wave of Nazetu have failed, the Nazedha Empire has taken up the charge, seeking to enslave the weak and destroy the world.

Situated like a predatory spider in the far reaches of the western seas, the city of Nazedha forms the capital and center of the seafaring Nazedha Empire. Situated on the largest of the ancestral islands that the original Nazetu called their homes, the city is a teeming, wretched sprawl that deals in slaves, alcohol, narcotics, and other dark and sordid commodities.

The Empire itself carries a mighty legacy; born from the first servants that ever served the Dark Lady in this Mortal Epoch, they take to their calling with ferocity and cunning. Asserting sole dominion over the western seas, and much of the southern seas as well, the Nazedha hold ties to Slaver's Isle and other Nazetu pirates, with whom they do much of their trade.

The inner city contains a number of religious buildings in honor to the Goddess of Corruption, and at its very center stands the legendary Dark Spire, the last bastion from which the city gains its title.

Any non-Nazetu are second-class citizens at best; the Nazedha are intensely xenophobic and likely to enslave, murder, and kill anyone outside of their race and Empire.