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The following are available from Qeddwyn:

Runed shields: (650cr)

- Each shield works as a 50/50 tower shield. In addition, each shield
  will give an additional 15% damage reduction for:
     Shield of Conflagration          Fire Damage
     Shield of Algidity               Cold Damage
     Shield of the Transmundane       Psychic Damage
     Shield of Galvanism              Electric Damage
     Shield of Eupnea                 Asphyxiation Damage
     Shield of Antivenin              Poison Damage

Amulet of Protection: (500cr)

 - Grants protection equivalent to 20/20 Cut/Blunt protection armor,
   but can only be worn by those not wearing armor.


                         Type        Cost    Cut/Blunt
                         ----        -----   ---------
 Wyrmskin Leather        Leather     300cr     36/25
 Wyrmskin Ringmail       Ring        400cr     49/36
 Dragonscale             Scale       500cr     55/50
 Venantium Chain         Chain       600cr     66/54
 Venantium Splint        Splint      700cr     71/66
 Venantium Fieldplate    Fieldplate  800cr     84/89