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Skill Rank Percent Description
Diversion Inept 0% Divert the pain from physical attacks.
Jerk Inept 0% Jerk your body to lessen the impact of melee.
Block Novice 0% Take a ranged hit meant for vitals on your arm.
Rolling Apprentice 0% Roll with a charge's momentum to lessen impact.
Stumbling Capable 0% Stumble as you attempt to recover from an upset.
ImprovedDiversion Adept 0% Practice makes perfect.
Dodging Skilled 0% Completely avoid an attack.
Sidestep Skilled 0% Quickstep away from melee.
Catching Gifted 0% Nullify ranged attacks by grabbing it.
Sliding Expert 0% Skid out of the path of charges.
Recovery Virtuoso 0% Be prepared to recover from upsets faster.
ImprovedDodging Fabled 0% Your reflexes are now godlike.
Nimbleness Mythical 0% Faster than you ever were.
ReflexiveDiversion Transcendent 0% Try to divert when you can't dodge.