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Damariel, the Unbound, is a fusion of Divinity and mortality, His Divine aspects fueled by the once-forgotten essence of Lord Lanos. As Lord Severn wielded the Axiom, the very same weapon that Lord Arion held prior to His journey to the Shadow Plane, He attempted to trap His Brother Haern's essence within it as well, the result being far from expected or desired--all the Divine essence contained within the Axiom was released in a violent expulsion and merged in a mortal man named Danerran. Thus Damariel, the Unbound was born, ascending the mortal shell that was a refugee from Albedos.

A combination of the residual memories from Lord Arion and the essence of the long-dead Lord Lanos manifests in Damariel's precepts, although Danerran's own experiences and values color them: Truth, the sanctity of life, and the freedom of decision are paramount in His ways. Since His return from self-imposed exile, He has become a God both stricter and kinder, His ways reformed in stark aversion to aggression and zealotry.

Damariel has often been represented by a white sparrow or a white horse, though He is more accurately symbolized by a warhammer set against the backdrop of a steel horseshoe, quartered on a field of blue and silver.

The selfsame shackles that bound Him as a mortal under the Dreikathi are now some of the God's preferred armaments, a reminder of the triumph against tyranny that led to His freedom. Through these trials and tribulations suffered, He has become a paragon for those under slavery and foreign rule, and as such He has often been dubbed "the Shepherd".

His faithful make pilgrimage to Barre Arevat, a tidal island off of the Mostyn coast, where redemption, penitence, and purification can be found. The Trolls call him ger-Varouk, and know His followers as the Varouk-saad, or "Faithful of Truth".