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Skill Rank Percent Description
Smelting Inept 0% Smelt forged items and recover some of the materials.
Repairing Inept 0% Extend the life of worn items.
Club Inept 0% A crude bludgeoning weapon.
Buckler Inept 33% The smallest shield.
Breadpan Inept 66% A useful cooking utensil.
Dirk Novice 0% A weapon made for stabbing.
Spear Novice 33% The standard weapon of the footman.
Pieplate Novice 66% A plate for baking pie.
Leatherarmour Apprentice 0% A suit of leather armour.
Cookiesheet Apprentice 33% A steel sheet for baking cookies.
Halberd Apprentice 66% The simplest of the polearms.
Cavalry Capable 0% A small shield, but more effective than the buckler.
Pot Capable 25% A cast-iron cooking pot.
Cauldron Capable 50% Cauldrons suitable for fermenting.
Shortsword Capable 75% A smaller version of the longsword.
Mace Adept 0% The Basilican maces.
Ringmail Adept 25% Armour composed of overlapping rings of metal.
Pastrypan Adept 50% A pan for making fine pastries.
Axe Adept 75% The handaxe; made for throwing.
Bardiche Skilled 0% Another polearm. More complicated than the halberd.
Crozier Skilled 0% A ritualistic implement used by desertfolk.
Dagger Skilled 25% Obsidian throwing daggers.
Banded Skilled 50% A shield of reasonable effectiveness.
Kettle Skilled 75% A heavy kettle with a lid.
Whip Gifted 0% A length of leather with a fine iron tip.
Talons Gifted 25% Steel talons to equip falcons with.
Morningstar Gifted 50% An iron ball connected to a handle by a chain.
Scalemail Gifted 75% Armour made of overlapping scales of metal and leather.
Warhammer Expert 0% A large bludgeoning weapon.
Rapier Expert 25% The weapon of the cultured urbanite.
Javelin Expert 50% Nothing hurts quite as much as being hit by a javelin.
Kite Expert 75% A large, protective shield.
Flail Virtuoso 0% A wicked-looking variation on a morningstar.
Chainmail Virtuoso 25% Armour made of interlocking rings of metal.
Trident Virtuoso 50% Oftentimes the favourite weapon of gladiators.
Battleaxe Virtuoso 75% Favoured weapon of the mountain dwarves.
Tower Fabled 0% The largest and most cumbersome shield.
Splintmail Fabled 25% Good armour made of strips of metal and leather.
Bastard Fabled 50% The famous Delosian bastard swords.
Lance Fabled 75% The traditional weapon of the mounted knight.
Scimitar Mythical 0% A very effective curved sword favoured in the south.
Fieldplate Mythical 25% The most common, but still very good, form of platemail.
Broadsword Mythical 50% A popular variation on the longsword.
Longsword Mythical 75% The standard against which all is based.
Fullplate Transcendent 0% The most magnificent armour. See AB FORGING FULLPLATE.