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Imp Bloodborn
Populationapprox. 500
DistributionNew Sehal, central region of Sapience
StrengthsSmall and cunning, dexterous with high willpower.
WeaknessesIneffective at flying, physically weak.
A race renowned for their playfulness and cunning.

The mischievous Imps are a race renowned for their playfulness and cunning, rumoured to be created by the Trickster Goddess Khepri out of pure laughter. While Imps are often seen as a silly, childlike race, their mirth can have a cutting edge to it, with many Imps being masters at manipulation and trickery, wizards with coins and merchantry, or even evil, sadistic madmen, revelling in dark, twisted arts. Long at war against the diminutive Pixies, the Imps have, in recent years, finally conquered their enemies, setting up an independent kingdom named New Sehal, which they jealously guard from against intrusion from the larger races, allowing only the youngest and weakest mortals entry. Physically, Imps tend to be quite small, usually between two to four feet tall, and often have slender tails, small horns and vestigial, ineffective wings.

Small and cunning, the Imps were chosen by Khepri for Her games and tricks, their devilish natures making them perfect for Her pranks. Their short stature conceals their voracious appetites and they are well known for their grating laugh. One should never trust an imp entirely, at least not if one prefers to keep their possessions, gold, and dignity.

Imps, the favored race of the dead Goddess of Mischief Khepri, were created as Her servants upon the continent, spreading mischief, trickery, and chaos wherever they roamed. Though initially nomadic, the Imps later entered the central region of the continent now known as Sehal and came into conflict with the Pixies indigenous to the region - the long war ended with a decisive Imp victory and the establishment of a royal Imp bloodline. The race is often regarded as high-strung, passionate, and mischievous, though likewise dangerously clever and unrelentingly vicious. Typical physical features of the race include horns, vestigial wings, tiny tails, and a remarkably short height - their coloration can vary considerably.

Racial skills

Upon reaching certain levels, this race gains the following skills.

Level Name Description
1 Tumble
  • Imps are so nimble and small they may adeptly tumble past blockades and out of tricky situations.
25 Willpower Regeneration
  • Imps passively regenerate willpower at a faster rate than other races.
50 Stalking
  • During the night, Imps may use stalking to hide their movements, making their exit from a room concealed to most observers.
75 Heatsight
  • Imps can call upon their heatsight, using their keen vision to see even hidden people in a room when checking WHO HERE.
100 Misdirect
  • By using MISDIRECT <direction>, you can leave a room without the direction you left in being seen. Normal movement restrictions apply, and it consumes balance on use.