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A Neutral Point of View (often referred as NPOV) is a principle which describes an authoring or editing perspective representing views fairly and without bias (or at least attempting to remove as much bias as possible). On AetoliaWiki, an editor is expected to assume a neutral point of view when writing articles.

Note that NPOV refers to a player's perspective rather than official info originating from Iron Realms or Aetolia's development team. The administration may officially state negative or positive elements regarding a subject (via sources of lore). Any such material must be mentioned, and does not break the NPOV policy. Articles should not be edited to remove correctly cited details.

Why neutral point of view?

Writing articles at AetoliaWiki with a neutral point of view helps remove conflicts that may occur from conflicting player opinions stated in articles. Additionally, maintaining neutrality can help prevent personal attacks.

How to write with neutral point of view

Neutral point of view is a point of view that is unbiased - that is, neither sympathetic with nor in opposition to its subject. Any subject where there are multiple significant player points of view should be written so that each of these views is impartially stated with equal merit to the others. The article should not imply that one opinion is the correct one.

Additionally when writing about other people or yourself, try to refrain from personal attacks or self promotion. Articles should be written in an encyclopedic style.

Dealing with biased articles

When editing an article that has non-neutral points of view, try to replace contentious sections with fairer ones. Use a neutral style, and try to remain as impartial as possible. If you do not wish to edit the article, add the {{NPOV}} template to the first line of the article, then leave a comment on the article's Talk: page describing any neutrality issues you see in the article. If you are editing an article that has already been tagged with the {{NPOV}} template, leave the original issues in the Talk: page.