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When one is relentlessly in the pursuit of Knowledge, there is nothing one will not do in order to attain the whole of it all, especially from the Source itself. Imprisoned in this search by an unknown force in a plane off the Prime, the Goddess of Mysteries was consequently released from Her prison to grace Sapience with Her presence once more.

Pursuing Her lofty ambitions, however, have had its consequences but not without a measure of success. While managing to learn all of what the Source of Knowledge had to offer Her, Niuri's mind was near incapable to understand the sheer magnitude of Power of what it entailed. It splintered Her mind, burying some of the more Knowledgeable of voices within Her. No longer only the Goddess of Mysteries or the Preceptor is She, but the Ultraist She will be.

Armed with what the Source had to offer Her, Niuri now propagates an alternative path to uncovering Mystery, as well as attaining and applying one's Knowledge in the world around them. Believing that there is no value in the strive for one's goal or the near perfection of one's Knowledge without Purpose in one's actions, the Ultraist also advocates the need for Excellence which would set the seeker a notch above the stifling trappings of the self-perceived elitist attitude.

Zealous as She is on the pursuit of Knowledge, She also demands Her followers to understand the importance of Sacrifice. Without it, nothing can be truly accomplished while one stays at the periphery of one's comfort zones. While most of everything can be claimed as the symbol of Niuri's realms, only the semblance of a golden astrolabe and Her featureless Mask of Obscurity are true testaments of Her pervasive

presence in Sapience.
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