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Skill Rank Percent Description
Primality Inept 0% Focusing on a single number to elicit effects.
Ef'tig Inept 0% The number of pairs, 2.
Forget Inept 0% Forgetting the numbers you have contemplated.
Feelings Novice 0% See where you stand with your peers.
Jherza Apprentice 0% The physical number, 5.
Constitution Apprentice 37% Fortify your health through meditation.
Duality Capable 0% Focusing on two numbers at once to elicit effects.
Weakening Capable 20% Weakening the muscles of your opponent.
Rafic Capable 60% The number of place, 3.
Fix Adept 0% Fix the position of those around you.
Position Adept 50% Find the path to another.
Settle Adept 75% Settle the stirred air around you.
Return Skilled 0% Return to a location.
Triunity Skilled 20% Focusing on three numbers to elicit effects.
Switch Skilled 40% Switch part of your health with another.
Yuef Skilled 80% The number of self, 1.
Oneness Gifted 0% Discover what ails you.
Bloodwork Gifted 33% Spread your blood.
Changeheart Gifted 50% Change someone's feelings about you.
Veil Gifted 83% Hides your location.
Yi Expert 0% The number of mystery, 7.
Shield Expert 25% Create a magical buffer against damage.
Tweak Expert 50% Manipulate your relationship with another.
Deflection Expert 75% Protect yourself from magic that would harm you.
Glimpse Virtuoso 0% Take a glimpse into your victim's location.
Absorb Virtuoso 22% Absorb afflictions from another.
Singularity Virtuoso 55% Manipulate your relationship to bring someone closer.
Jhako Virtuoso 78% The number of balance, 11.
Madness Fabled 0% Afflict your enemies with a horrible madness.
Leveling Fabled 18% Share your problems with your foe.
Affliction Fabled 64% Throw an affliction onto your foe.
Symphony Fabled 82% Call upon the symphonic nature of the heavens.
Lgakt Mythical 0% The number of uncertainty, 13.
Direcall Mythical 0% Make a direcall to Rafic and Lgakt.
Link Mythical 15% Link your health and mana.
Infirmity Mythical 38% Ensure your victims are weak in body.
Recognition Mythical 62% Recognize the exact state of your physical nature.
Unravel Mythical 84% Weak in mind and weak in body causes them to unravel.
Spheres Transcendent 0% Tap into the music of the spheres.

Name: Primality
With Primality, you can CONTEMPLATE a single number in order to ELICIT the numerological effects of that number. You will have to learn through experimentation which numbers must be contemplated in order to elicit the effects you desire.

The known, stable numbers that one can learn to contemplate are: Ef'tig, Jherza, Rafic, Yuef, Yi, Jhako and Lgakt. Each of these numbers has its own sphere of influence which can be learned by viewing the Numerology ability scroll for the specific number.

As you advance in your studies of Numerology, you will learn numbers to contemplate and effects to elicit, as well as learning to contemplate more than one number at a time, enabling you to elicit the effects of that combination of numbers. Checking NUMBERS will remind you which number or numbers you are currently contemplating.

Name: Forget
FORGET <number>
This will remove a number from your contemplation.

Name: Feelings
Judge another player's feelings of you.

Name: Jherza
Jherza is the physical number. Five toes, five fingers. Five limbs: head, arms,

legs. Jherza is the number ruled by constitution.

Name: Constitution
You are able to raise your health slightly as if you had a higher constitution.

Name: Weakening
You are able to weaken the strength in your opponents muscles, causing them to

possibly drop their weapon.

Name: Rafic
Rafic is the symbol of place, as the ancient navigators would triangulate their locations. It is the symbol of the moon, an aid to travellers in the night. It is the number of occupation, and of family. It is also the symbol of movement, and thus relates to dexterity.

Name: Fix
ELICIT FIX <person>
If the person is on your allies list, then you will make it very hard to move them from the location. If the person is on your enemies list, it will make their movement delayed.

Name: Position
Will tell you an immediate direction to travel to find another player on

the same continent.

Name: Settle
If there are noxious clouds in the atmosphere around you, you may settle the air to the ground, causing the fumes to disperse.

Name: Return
This will physically move you back to a location you have embedded with

a sense of Rafic, by using ELICIT FIXATION. Take note, Numerologist, that after doing so, you will not be able to return there again, and you must once again elicit fixation.

Name: Switch
By distorting their mind and body, you can switch your opponents health

and mana.

Name: Yuef
Oneness of Body and Mind. As above, so below. Yuef, represented by the

number 1, deals with a Cabalist's Self.

The Sphere of Yuef is a very important foundation of Knowledge, for a Numerologist cannot expect to go further in one's understanding of the Universe, without first knowing in entirety, one's Self. It is heard that the Universe revolves and functions through every individual, though the exact details cannot be revealed, and are only to be researched.

Name: Oneness


You will periodically be cured of afflictions that ail you, draining

some mana each time.

Name: Bloodwork
Recall these life-giving droplets of blood into your veins and know that

it must return, for it is part of your Yuef.

Name: Changeheart
ELICIT CHANGEHEART <target> <ally|enemy|neutral>
This will force your target to reconsider how he or she values you.

Name: Veil
Pull a fragment of Knowledge from the Spheres to hide you from prying

individuals. Enfolded by this protective veil, you will be undetectable underneath it. Until you move, you shall remain within the power of the Spheres.

Name: Yi
You are able to focus on Yi, the number of magic and mystery. Yi supercedes

natural processes, and is the closest known of the numbers to the unknown Immortal Number. In it, the elements are contained, and it is symbolic of the mortal form of essence.

Name: Shield
This will create a shield about you that will protect you against attacks both

psychic and magical.

Name: Tweak
This skill will affect the target in a variety of ways, stacking them

with more and more afflictions. Each type of 'tweak' will strike the target with different types of afflictions.

Table Forthcoming.

Name: Disturb
If your target has all the afflictions from a type of tweak, you can disturb

their mind.

Each disturb type will last for two minutes and increase the balance on focus by 2 seconds.

Name: Deflection
This will destroy a rite or a ritual that is in your room and that is

set to harm you.

Name: Glimpse
Peering through the Void that enfolds itself about Sapience, you are

able to harness the power of several Spheres to gift you with the knowledge of your enemy's location where he stands, and the area in which you have perceived him to be standing within.

Name: Absorb
This will remove an affliction from another, and give it to you if they are in

the same area as you.

Name: Singularity
If your victim has you on their allies list, within a few seconds they will be

brought to you, assuming they are in the same area.

Name: Jhako
You are able to contemplate the beauty of Jhako, the number of eternal balance.

In it, all opposites are in harmony. Much like the other numbers, it represents not evil, or good, or even neutrality, but the equilibrium in life that drives all forces into symphonic opposition.

Name: Madness
Causes your target to become riddled with madnesses, giving them dementia,

hallucinations, and paranoia in one shot.

Name: Leveling
This will cause you to share each others afflictions and level the playing field

in combat.

Name: Affliction
ELICIT AFFLICTION <direction> AT <person>
You can fling an affliction from afar, hiding its effect on your victim.

Name: Symphony
The mind is a frail object for a Cabalist. Thus, to bolster your mental

strength and replenish your will to function, you may enter a trance, of which allows you to meditate upon the continuous symphony of the Spheres.

Name: Direcall
Reach and tug upon the sphere of Lgakt, the prominent one out of the

others, to sweep you from the location you stand! Anyone not within indoor safety are vulnerable to the unpredictability of this ability, for the individual will be caught by our Numerological powers, and made to switch positions with you.

Name: Lgakt
You are able to ponder the effects of Lgakt, the number of uncertainty and luck.

Lgakt is the force that makes the world non-mechanical, and makes free-will possible. Lgakt is the number of love, and all future endeavours.

This will link your health and mana into one sum, making all damage and

mana use come from the same place. Note that although you can now effectively kill yourself by using skills, health and mana elixirs, for instance, will contribute to their individual pools but will overflow into the other if you are not already healthy in body or mind. If you wish, you may unlink your health and mana before the link itself fades. This link will not work in conjunction with switch. Using switch with link will shatter the link, and nothing more.

Name: Infirmity
This will force your victim into a weakened state physically, giving

them clumsiness and aeon.

Name: Recognition


At a constant mana drain, this will protect you against things that don't allow

you to see what is really wrong with you, such as recklessness. This will only apply to loki afflictions.

Name: Unravel
The ultimate destructive ability is to unravel an object's very

existence from the face of Creation. To pull off this ultimate attack on an unwilling opponent, the target's Self must be greatly weakened, with up to three of his mental faculties Disturbed via Numerology.

Name: Spheres
Contemplating all the numbers at once, you can temporarily tap into the rhythms

of the universe. Through an effort of will, you can harness the powers of numerology without paying heed to what numbers you have contemplated. Note, however, when you return from this trance (either voluntarily or from mental exhaustion), you will be substantially weakened.