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Skill Rank Percent Description
Control Inept 0% Wrest control of an extraction.
Absorption Novice 0% Absorb the essence of the primal eld for your city.
Irradiance Apprentice 0% Infuse the residual energy of ylem into yourself.
Reserves Capable 0% Discern your current reserves of residual energy.
Replenish Adept 0% Consume your residual energy to restore your willpower.
Invigorate Adept 50% Consume your residual energy to restore your endurance.
Shell Skilled 0% Draw forth a protective barrier to reduce all damage.
Suppression Skilled 50% Suppress the Shell effect of others.
Destabilize Gifted 0% Destabilize and obliterate fortifications.
Ripples Expert 0% Detect the resonating leylines that encircle the world.
Eldsense Expert 50% Discern the presence of any eld in your local area.
Shackle Virtuoso 0% Constrict the movement of an eld.
Freedom Fabled 0% Release the bonds that shackle the eld.
Latency Transcendent 0% Empower the latent energies that surround you.
Skill Rank Percent Description
Barricade Gifted 50% Create a wall of energy to deny your enemies entry.
Gravity Virtuoso 50% Weigh your allies to the ground with a gravity field.
Disruption Fabled 50% Damage those who do not share your home.
Dampening Mythical 0% A barrier to reduce the damage your comrades receive.
Interference Mythical 50% Disrupt any telepathic waves in your presence.


Name: Control
If an opposing organization has begun extracting ylem from a focus, you may attempt to take over the extraction for your own home.

Name: Absorption
You will now generate a small amount of ylem energy for your city from slaying primal eld. This ability is passive.

Name: Irradiance
While in the presence of an active extraction, your body will pick up on the traces of ylem flowing through the location, allowing you to absorb a portion of this residual energy. This ability is passive.

Name: Reserves
You can now detect the amount of residual energy you have absorbed through Irradiance.

Name: Replenish
By tapping into your reserves of residual energy, you can regenerate your willpower rapidly.

Name: Invigorate
You may draw upon your residual energy reserves to instantly restore a portion of your endurance.

Name: Shell
You may create a physical barrier using the energy you've gathered, protecting you from all sources of damage. This has a constant drain on your residual energy.

Name: Suppression
You may use your own residual energy to create an aura of suppression, negating the effect of any ylem shells in your presence. This may not be active at the same time as Shell and has a constant energy drain.

Name: Destabilize
REFINING DESTABILIZE <fortification> OF <city> <HERE
By attempting to sever the flows of energy used to generate them, you may destroy fortifications from either your current location or an adjacent one. Be warned, this action requires intense concentration, and no other action may be performed while destabilizing.

Name: Ripples
You are now attuned to the movement of the leylines themselves, allowing you to discern when any organization begins extracting ylem from foci. This ability is passive.

Name: Eldsense
You are now capable of detecting the chaos traces of energy that accompany eld in your local area.

Name: Shackle
By drawing upon a portion of your harvested ylem, you may shackle an eld, freezing them in place and preventing them from assaulting you. Be warned, this comes with a small penalty to your extraction yield, and any damage caused to the eld will destroy the shackles.

Name: Freedom
This simple manipulation of ley energy will disrupt the shackles around a target eld in your location or an adjacent location. Direction does not need to be specified.

Name: Latency
Your sensitivity to ylem energy has increased to the point where you will now generate double the normal amount of ylem for your city when you slay an eld, and generate double the amount of residual energy through irradiance. This ability is passive.


Name: Barricade
By drawing upon the ylem energy you are actively extracting, you may set up a barricade of energy in your surroundings, preventing those who are not members of your organization from entering. The barricade acts as a wall and is subject to the same restrictions.

All fortifications require a constant upkeep of energy, and as such will decrease the yield of ylem you generate from extraction. These costs are cumulative with each fortification in place.

Name: Gravity
This fortification provides a field of density to all members of your organization, giving them the mass defense while active.

Name: Disruption
This fortification will attack the physical well-being of all those present who are not members of your organization.

Name: Dampening
This powerful fortification generates a magical dampening field, reducing the damage all members of your organization receive by a considerable amount.

Name: Interference
This fortification generates telepathic interference, preventing the use of telepathic abilities into or out of the location.