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Skill Rank Percent Description
Signs Inept 0% Knowledge of the secret hand language.
Hide Novice 0% Conceal yourself from view.
Illusion Apprentice 0% Create an illusion of your choosing.
Warding Apprentice 38% Pray to your comrades to protect you from harm.
Evade Capable 0% Misleading your pursuer.
Shadow Capable 20% Shadowing a target in order to track them.
Flay Capable 40% Flay the anti-venom sileris coatings from your enemies.
Waiting Capable 60% Awaiting a target to be shadowed.
Pacing Capable 80% The ability to anticipate and keep pace with others.
Recuperating Adept 0% Heal your wounds in the safety of Spinesreach.
Scaling Adept 13% Agily climb over an icewall.
Block Adept 25% Obstructing departure with your body.
Swinging Adept 50% Swinging up into the treetops.
Secret Adept 75% Give someone an item without their knowledge.
Forge Adept 75% Seal a letter with a fake sigil.
Scan Skilled 0% Scanning the forest floor from the treetops.
Lightwall Skilled 10% Create a palpable wall of light.
Bowmanship Skilled 20% Use of the valued projectile weapon.
Colours Skilled 20% Dye your arrows to categorize them.
Seize Skilled 40% Grabbing unwary victims from the forest floor.
Shove Skilled 60% Sending a hapless victim crashing to the forest floor.
Garrote Skilled 80% Choke the life out of a target with your whip.
Noose Gifted 0% Covert and deadly assassination from the trees.
Shadowsight Gifted 0% Focus your vision on those hiding within the shadows.
Aiming Gifted 17% Increase your accuracy in shooting.
Listen Gifted 33% Detect action and conversations nearby.
Bowstance Gifted 50% Wield bows fluidly.
Dispel Gifted 50% Rid your environment of illusions.
Lipread Gifted 66% The ability to understand what is said while deaf.
Eavesdrop Gifted 83% Listen even through closed doors.
Slit Expert 0% Cut the throat of a helpless victim.
Wind Expert 13% Further increase your accuracy through wind compensation.
Echo Expert 13% Detect presences through wormholes.
Ghost Expert 25% Give yourself a ghostly appearance.
Warp Expert 37% Open and enter a dimensional wormhole.
Seek Expert 50% Sense for dimensional wormholes.
Crossbows Expert 62% A powerful projectile weapon.
Doublestab Expert 68% Quickly administer two venoms to a target with your dirk.
Cloak Expert 75% Hide your actions from others.
Dash Expert 87% Sprint in a particular direction.
Artifice Virtuoso 0% Double your illusions.
Resonance Virtuoso 11% Allow sounds to resonate through a distant wormhole.
Darkbows Virtuoso 22% Using the infamous darkbows of lore.
Appraise Virtuoso 33% Quickly measure your foe's offensive capability.
Splice Virtuoso 44% Create a dimensional wormhole.
Darkflood Virtuoso 66% Flood your location with magical darkness.
Channel Fabled 0% Hurl an object through a dimensional wormhole.
Binding Fabled 18% Hog-tie an unconscious or sleeping opponent.
Sources Fabled 54% Sense out all dimensional wormholes.
Garrotelock Fabled 64% Death by asphyxiation.
Deception Fabled 64% Deceive your enemies with your attacks.
Weaving Fabled 73% Twist and dodge to avoid attacks.
Yank Mythical 0% Use a whip to pull an opponent into your room.
Vortex Mythical 15% Suck an unwilling target into a wormhole.
Bedazzle Mythical 23% Distract your opponent into losing his thoughts.
Snipe Mythical 31% The ability to sharpshoot.
Cancel Mythical 62% Destroy a wormhole.
Phase Mythical 77% Alter your status in space-time itself.
Abduct Transcendent 0% Bring a spiritual guardian home.

Name: Signs
SIGN <message>
The sign language of the Syssin was well known to keep the secrets of the Defenders safe. Use it to communicate privately with your allies, with no fear of being understood by other mortals.

Name: Hide


Conceal yourself from view, hiding you from most mortals.

Name: Illusion
CONJURE ILLUSION <victim|NOBODY> <illusion>
Cause everyone in your location to witness an illusion. If you choose to direct the illusion at someone, only that person will see it.

Illusions, along with many other things you CONJURE, are performed on their own illusion balance and are completely independent of your physical balance and mental equilibrium.

Note: You can add new lines into your illusion by using the tag $nl within the text, but be warned that you can use a maximum of five, and each one you use increases the mana and balance cost of the illusion.

Name: Warding
Those devout in prayer towards their fallen comrades will find their comrades will protect their bodies from harm.

Name: Evade
EVADE <direction>
Silently slip away from your location. Anyone following you when you do

so will be lost.

Name: Shadow
SHADOW <target>
By stealthily slipping into pursuit from an adjacent location, you're able to follow your target from either the ground or the trees. Note that this will cause you to enter their location.

Name: Flay
Using a whip, you will be able to flay a few defences from an opponent.

Name: Waiting
AWAIT <target>
Slip into the shadows and silently wait for your target to arrive. When they do, you will begin to secretly follow them.

Name: Pacing
At a constant endurance drain, you will be able to follow those while they sprint or gallop away.

Name: Recuperating
While within the safety of Spinesreach, you may rest to recover your strength.

Name: Scaling
SCALE <direction>
Scale over an icewall to reach the other side.

Name: Block
BLOCK <direction>
Block most attempts to leave in a particular direction.

Name: Swinging


When in a location with trees, you may swing up into them.

Name: Secret
SECRET <item> TO <target>
Secretly slip an item to someone without them noticing.

Name: Forge
SEAL <letter> AS <person>
This will allow you to seal a letter, while forging the mark of another in place of your own.

Name: Shrugging
This ability will allow you to shrug off slickness, anorexia, asthma, limpveins or belonephobia should you be suffering its affects.

Name: Scan
While in the treetops, you can scan the ground for people.

Name: Lightwall
This will conjure a wall of pure light that will blind any passing through it, save for yourself. The light generated has also been known to trigger the effects of darkshade.

Name: Colours
DYE <amount> ARROWS <colour>


First, you should inspect your quiver to see how many arrows you posses. Then, you may dye a number of arrows a certain colour. Colours you may use are red, blue, purple, green, black, white, grey, orange, gold, and silver.

Name: Bowmanship
SHOOT <target> <direction>

- Puts arrows into your quiver

- Takes arrows from your quiver

- Gives a list of what coloured and envenomed arrows are in your quiver

- Changes what arrow you will use when shooting

Use a longbow to shoot someone in a line-of-sight location from you. You must be wearing a quiver to use it, and you can switch between different coloured arrows if they have been dyed.

Name: Seize
SEIZE <target>
While in the trees, you may seize someone on the ground below you and bring them to your elevation.

Name: Shove
SHOVE <target>
While in the trees, you may shove someone to the ground, possibly breaking their legs.

Name: Garrote
GARROTE <target>
Using a wielded whip, you can try to slip behind a target and choke the life out of them, rendering their armour completely useless. Furthermore, while it is difficult to do normally, if your target is prone in some form, then your success is guaranteed.

Name: Shadowsight
Train your eyes to see those hidden in the shadows.

Name: Noose

NOOSE <target>

While you are in the trees you can craft a noose from the vines hanging everywhere. Then, if there is a sole victim below you, you can attempt to slip the noose around their neck. This is a long process as you have to move with utter silence. If anyone else enters the location, your attempt will be ruined.

Name: Aiming
AIM <target> <direction>
Increase the accuracy of your shooting.

Name: Listen
LISTEN <direction>
Use your auditory acuity to listen in on conversations in an adjacent room.

Name: Bowstance
While wearing a bow, fluidly move it into your hands.

Name: Dispel
DISPEL [<ME|target>]
Dispel many illusions in associated with your location, yourself, or another person.

Name: Lipread
Read the lips of others to understand their speech, no matter how quiet they keep it.

Name: Eavesdrop
EAVESDROP <direction>
Your skills have improved to the point where you can now listen even through closed doors.

Name: Slit
SLIT <target>
While wielding either a dagger or dirk, slit the throat of a victim who is bound or not conscious.

Name: Wind
You will now passively compensate for wind while shooting, increasing your bowmanship accuracy.

Name: Echo
By observing a wormhole, you are able to determine if anyone is at the other end by the echoes of their movements along it.

Name: Ghost
Give yourself a ghostly appearance to mask your movement.

Name: Warp
When in the presence of a wormhole, you can hurl yourself through it to reach the other side.

Name: Seek
Seek out wormholes in your location, if there are any, and where they lead.

Name: Crossbows
SHOOT <target> <direction>
The crossbow is more powerful, but less accurate, than the longbow.

Name: Doublestab
If you are wielding a dirk that has been envenomed with more than one venom, you can quickly prick your target twice and deliver two venoms simultaneously to them.

Name: Cloak
CONJURE CLOAK [<target>]
Conjure up a cloak of invisibility that will disguise many actions from most observers.

Name: Dash
DASH <direction>
Sprint quickly in a particular direction.

Name: Artifice
Your mastery of illusions allows you to conjure two of them at once. However, the second illusion will have to be less complex than the first and will take longer to recover from.

Name: Resonance
Open a gap in a wormhole, allowing sounds to resonate back through it.

Name: Darkbows
SHOOT <target> <direction>
The famous darkbows are both expensive and powerful. Only slightly less powerful than a crossbow, they are far more accurate.

Name: Appraise
APPRAISE <target>
Check out the inventory of your target.

Name: Splice
WORM SPLICE <target>
Splicing a wormhole is a lengthy process that will require two people with the ability to splice. The two people splicing the wormhole will need to each go to a different location, which will be the two places the wormhole will connect. Each person must then attempt to splice to the other. After a few minutes, during which the actions of pair are severely limited, the wormhole will be successfully formed between the two locations.

Name: Darkflood
Conjure up a magical darkness in your location.

Name: Channel
Throw an object in your possession through a dimensional wormhole.

Name: Binding
BIND <target>
If your target is sleeping or unconscious, and you have a length of rope on your person, you may hog-tie your unlucky target.

Name: Sources
Sense out all wormholes in your area and discern where they each connect to.

Name: Garrotelock
This ability will allow you to choke someone to death with your whip, suffocating them until they can no longer live. You cannot do anything while choking someone to death. Being afflicted with the curse of Aeon will also stop you.

Name: Weaving
At the cost of a heavy mana drain, you may boost your avoidance rate massively. This is cumulative with whatever level you are at in your avoidance skill.

Name: Yank
YANK <target>
While wielding a whip, you can attempt to yank someone from an adjacent location into yours.

Name: Vortex
WORM VORTEX <target>
Suck someone, willing or not, from the opposite end of the wormhole into your location.

Name: Bedazzle
BEDAZZLE <target>
At the cost of both your illusion balances, you may bedazzle an opponent, eliciting one of four afflictions: Amnesia, mind daze, hypochondria or a knock to their herb balance. Your victim will not be able to immediately discern which one they have suffered.

Name: Snipe
SNIPE <target> <direction>
Snipe your victim for greater accuracy than just regular shooting. If you manage to slay them while sniping, they will not be able to discern who their killer was.

Name: Cancel
Destroy a wormhole if there is one in your location. It is not a short process at all, as it is an extremely complicated matter to close a dimensional wormhole.

Name: Phase


Quite possibly the most effective means of concealment there is, while phased you will be hidden from all mortals save those who are also phased. You will, further, be unable to interact with anything that is not also phased. The caveat here is that you may try to attack someone who is unphased, which will automatically unphase you. Thus, phase can be used as an effective aid to assassinations.

Be warned that it takes a great deal of effort to remain phased, and your endurance will be drained quickly.

Name: Abduct
ABDUCT <target>
Pull the target into phase with you. However, this is an unstable form

of going out of sync with reality and tends to only last for a short duration.