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Skill Rank Percent Description
Looking Inept 0% Gain knowledge of your immediate surroundings.
Information Inept 0% Discover more indepth information about your surroundings.
Glancing Inept 0% See summarized information about your surroundings.
Secrets Inept 50% Discover hidden exits.
Squinting Novice 0% See extended distances in your line of sight.
Flyers Apprentice 0% Take notice of those in the skies.
Letterlist Apprentice 33% Quickly appraise all the letters you carry.
Stargaze Apprentice 66% Look up to the heavens.
Observe Capable 0% Gain information about your extended surroundings.
Evaluate Capable 25% Assess your current battle situation.
Farsight Capable 50% Attempt to locate another player from afar.
Syringelist Capable 75% Quickly check the contents of your syringes.
Pipelist Capable 75% Quickly check the contents of your pipes.
Vigilance Adept 0% Increase your resistance to hypnosis.
Treewatch Adept 25% Watch the forest canopies for movement.
Deathsight Adept 50% Attune yourself to the Underworld.
Bandagelist Adept 75% Quickly check your bandages and the poultices within.
Elixlist Adept 75% Quickly discover what elixirs and salves you are holding.
Search Skilled 0% Search your location for hidden beings.
Recognition Skilled 15% The ability to recognize people's shouted voices.
Skywatch Skilled 30% Watch the skies for movement.
Aura Skilled 45% Read the aura of other living creatures.
TunnelVision Skilled 60% Focus your vision upon a single target
Magiclist Skilled 75% List the magical effects of your items.
Keylist Gifted 0% See a list of your keys and which doors they open.
Alertness Gifted 33% Heightened awareness of your surroundings.
Rites Gifted 66% View the holy rites operating in your location.
Vibes Expert 0% See what vibrations are in a room.
Traps Expert 25% View the traps hidden in your location and who laid them.
Marks Expert 50% Determine if the room has been marked by a lycanthrope.
Nightsight Expert 75% Use infravision to see in the dark.
Hypersight Virtuoso 0% See the actions of magically cloaked players.
Thirdeye Virtuoso 25% Give yourself the power of the third eye.
Gauge Virtuoso 50% Scan your target to determine their endurance or willpower.
Tattoos Virtuoso 75% Discover what tattoos are on another player.
Wormholes Fabled 0% The ability to sense wormholes in your location.
Contemplation Fabled 25% Perceive the state of another's mental strength.
Telesense Fabled 50% Heighten your awareness to telepathic attempts.
Appraise Fabled 75% Quickly measure your foe's offensive capability.
Angels Mythical 0% Gain information on the Guardian Angels in your area.
Entities Mythical 33% Discover the whereabouts of any Chaos entities in your area.
Allysense Mythical 66% Keep track of your mutual allies.
Discernment Transcendent 0% Discern which afflictions your opponent has randomly cured.