Baelak Shipbreaker

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Baelak Shipbreaker, born upon the 1st of Chakros in the year 216 of the Midnight Age, is the founder and current Emperor of the Nazedha Empire. A Nazetu of Tribe Urmoc in the western seas, his humble beginnings as a Blackguard initiate and an aspiring priest of the Nazedha deity Lanu Du proved a perfect demonstration of his talent for fighting and leadership. A series of brutal duels proved his worth as a warrior at a young age, and in the year 239, at the age of 23, he rose to become Patriarch of Tribe Urmoc after murdering the previous Patriarch in single combat.

The Sages of Tribe Urmoc, following this impressive display, conferred their blessing upon him, and hailed him as the successor to the Nazetu legacy, and thereafter he set out on a brutal campaign against the other four Nazedha Tribes - Masit, Adessim, Karthek, and Urrop. The Tribes, all with long, bloody histories of fighting one another, were not keen to form alliances, but under Baelak's leadership they were forcibly united into a single Nazedha Empire.

His more recent achievements include mounting an invasion upon the continent of Sapience, one that was cut short by his armies falling victim to the Aalen Bloom. Following a quarantine of infected individuals within the town of Huanazedha, he and the remainder of his forces pulled back to the islands.