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Huanazedha is a Nazetu village, originally founded during the Shipbreaker War under the dominion of the Nazedha Empire. Following Baelak's retreat back to the Nazedha islands, the village was independent, although quarantined from the world at large due to victims of the Aalen Bloom being kept there. Some decades later, ships from Tribe Urrop arrived and conquered the village, making its affiliation purely tribal and outside the purview of the Empire. The village, since its opening to the continent, has gained infamy for its blatant worship of Lanu Du, a wide variety of drugs and liquor, and sexual slavery - especially given as the village's economy relies heavily upon the latter two. Huanazedha is unofficially administrated by Tratmo, the sage - who minds the village's spiritual matters - and Kela, the alpha euscuchian, who heads the brutish, deadly euscuchian guard.