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August 2016


Since there has not been any activity on the wiki since around two years ago, I have started working on a couple things. At this point I'm mostly going from the bottom, with individual pages, and then will update the portals which link to them. Feel free to work on these as well, and if you have better ideas on certain things, try them out or discuss them.

  • General
    • As previously mentioned by Maghak, we might want to go through pages and rewrite the intro text (copied from HELP) into a simple, more informative format.
    • On top of summarizing lore and such, I could see certain things from the game would have benefits here. Some things are also just easier to read on here than in-game. Some ideas:
      • Crafting commodities, in pretty, searchable tables.
    • Anything the little newbie in you wishes they'd have known about something, would make a good addition.
  • Cities
    • Most likely need more appropriate colors picked for each cities. Using [material colors] to choose from.
    • Need to go through timelines, as well as the Timeline page to pick and add things.
    • Notable denizens in each cities.
    • [Category:Cities of Sapience] will list the new and improved city pages. It's missing Delve and Esterport.
  • Villages
    • Haven't touched these yet. Maybe we could list commodities available in those that have some?
    • Might need its own infobox, based on the area one.
  • Areas
    • Fix copied stuff from HELP. I just don't know that much about all areas!
    • Notable denizens.
    • Check connected areas, I sometimes miss some.
    • [Category:Areas of Sapience] will list those that I've started moving to new infoboxes and such.
  • Races
    • Pages using Template:Infobox_race have been updated.
    • They might still need information about each. Strengths, weaknesses, a one-sentence description of them.
    • I think we should add other non-playable races. Although we can always make a mega-page about non-playable races.

Yero (talk) 21:54, 18 August 2016 (UTC)

Regarding guild and city pages.

As this is for the most part a lore wiki, it would be a very good idea to avoid posting large lists of data from directly ingame (such as guild help files) and preferable to write pages that summarize the lore and history of guilds/cities in an entertaining manner. I will be attempting to do so myself but my time is limited and help would be appreciated. Maghak 07:33, 1 May 2014 (UTC)

Much of that old work was done aaages ago, by Ivoln I think? Anyway yeah, we'll clean it all up eventually! Trigru.gifTrigru!

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