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Nestled on the far north-western coast of Albedos, the Port City of Delve is the last bastion of hope for the populace of those not yet enslaved by the Dreikathi. Its very location provides a sphere of natural protection and effectively has been cut off from the rest of the continent of Albedos. Bordered on three sides by typhoon-prone waters, the city is guarded by sea as well as protected via land by the expanse of the Dramedo Crags to the east.

With the Dreikathi having seized up all other free cities, the Port of Delve quickly grew into a melting pot of all the various races of Albedos. The city itself is a sprawling assortment of various districts ranging from the massive Docklands to the expansive Military Yards. Delve is a bustling city that despite the threat of the Dreikathi, is full of life.

Those counted as enemies of the Dreikathi are welcomed as allies within the walls of Delve, as long as they abide by the laws of the city. Delve is also home to the only known access point between both the continent of Sapience and that of Albedos outside of attempting to brave the violent waters that separate them.

City Structure and Governance

The Ecclesiarchy

The city of Delve is protected by the Ecclesiarchy, led by Seneschal Horvatz, an enormous Ursal.



  • The Twilight Cavern - Hundreds of pinpricks of light dot the ceiling of this dark cavern, the ethereal glow from its center and the starscape above providing only scant light for filling the otherwise dank cavern. Intricate runic carvings cover every available space. It is located in Delve, beneath the military yards, but contains a portal to the mainland of Sapience. It is also referred to as "the Focus" and the great Eld'akathai Aiillassa resides there.
  • The Underbelly - The seedy Underbelly of Delve is a network of flooded tunnels and passageways that serve as a shoddy sewage system for the bustling city. As Delve was built centuries ago, it was constructed atop the ruins of its predecessor but few now can even recall its name. In recent years, the dregs and refugees who once sought haven in Delve have been forced beneath the city's streets. Unwanted and unseen, the poor have been all but forgotten by the opulent nobility of Delve and remain in their ramshackle shanty towns beneath the streets.

Notable Denizens

  • Aiillassa, Eld of the Twilight - Body suffused with the light of a million fireflies, this enormous creature seems to bridge many worlds with His presence. Extending directly into a pool of light below Him, Aiillassa has no single definable presence, rather shifting organically between a variety of forms, some resembling a man in vague detail, others embracing more animal forms, still others entirely unrecognizable. The light pouring from His person fills an entire chamber, illuminating the brilliant points of light that surround Him. Aiillassa, Eld of the Twilight almost glows with nearly god-like power.

Quests and Activities

Spirit Shadow Denizen
Duiran Bloodloch Esterport
Enorian Spinesreach Delve