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GuildsArchivists, Sciomancers, Syssin
AdvisorySevern, Chakrasul, Iosyne, Bamathis, Tanixalthas

The city of Spinesreach is an ancient fortress that sits in a pass of the Tarea Mountains between the Dry Plains and the Southern Tundra. Once home to the Ankyrean Order, Spinesreach was sealed first behind the Grand Artifice, before having its Citadel sealed again by the magics of the Ankyri. Little is known about the secrets that have been left behind by the Order, but with the reopening of the Citadel, Spinesreach has once again become a full city, known as the Lion of the North.

Like the Ankyrean Order, Spireans bear a well-deserved pride as their city is home to unequaled intellects as much as warriors. The Syssin, sworn defenders of Spinesreach, call the city home alongside the Archivists, and the Sciomancers. All of which have histories as intertwined in the city's history as the Ankyrean Legacy.

The city itself is split into sections. The Outer City is mostly farmlands, whilst the Inner Gate serves as a gathering place and landmark for all within the city walls. The inner Citadel, standing in the middle of the Outer City, houses the shops and governmental offices of Spinesreach. Five spires rise up from the Citadel, including the Spire of Artifice.


Notable denizens

Connected areas

Spirit Shadow Denizen
Duiran Bloodloch Esterport
Enorian Spinesreach Delve