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On the 19th of Midsummer, year 452 MA, the city of Esterport was founded upon the Isle of Delos. As framed in their constitution, the city's stated purpose is free trade, and they maintain a neutral stance in the ongoing conflicts that ravage the continent. Primary inhabitants of the city include refugees from the War of Night and their descendants, as well as a substantial population of Arqeshi who constructed much of Esterport.

Noteworthy Locations and Features

The Fields of Valor

The first Sapient Arena was the historic Fields of Valor, a ceremonial battleground where warriors, past, present, and future, compete in training exercises, bloodsport, and even Divine-sanctioned wargames. The arena is immense, taking up much of the central mass of the city, and comprises a diverse collection of terrain types and strategic features.

The Ankyrean Artifact Shop

Under the proprietorship of Qeddwyn, the last Ankyrean, the Ankyrean Artifact Shop was a shopping hub for artifacts, the magical Ankyrean armaments. Players may spend their hard-earned credits here to purchase permanent upgrades and enhancements.

Spirit Shadow Denizen
Duiran Bloodloch Esterport
Enorian Spinesreach Delve