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Albedos is a large, inhabited continent to the far east of Sapience. It rivals the mainland in size and dwarfs it in population, being home to a multitude of races and cities, and is home to the Dreikathi and various slave races that attempt to eke out an existence beneath the iron fist of Drakkenmont. The continent possesses a rich tapestry of history, with numerous bloody wars, magical disasters, Divine power struggles and a legacy of advanced technology.

Aside from Drakkenmont, the free port of Delve is perhaps the only surviving city-state that remains outside of Dreikathi oppression. Other power bases, such as the bio-technology-focused Basrai or the now decrepit ruins of Strohm were long ago crushed by the Dreikathi airship fleets and abandoned to the savage wildlands of inner-continent Albedos.