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Planes, worlds, or planets of existence are different structures of spacetime and matter created by Varian. When the planes were formed and came into existence, there were some left over energy that is now called ylem. The planar creatures from some of these planes can be very varied and different in biology and consisting matter, as they can be either made of elemental of ethereal material. It is not known if all of the planes are spatially finite or infinite.


Little is known about the planes, if they are actually parts of a shared cosmic entity or separated entirely, though still allowing some kind of channels linking them together as some creatures can travel between them. The Prime Material plane is kind of a special plane as it is not connected to any pure matter instead like a cross-point of elements it's kind of a combination of others.

Prime Material

The Prime Material plane is where the continent Sapience is located, it's mostly a mixture of other planes' elements not classified as either of other types of planes. It is a tested and reliable knowledge that traversing from this plane to others is possible, though usually lethal to creatures born here. Because of this, there is a possibility of these means of travel being some one-way portal to other planes.

The elemental planes

Shadow (Shadow)

Spirit (Spirit)

  • The plane from which the angels and Duamvi come from. This plane has been shattered into isolated chunks.

Azvosh (Earth)

  • A plane dominated by the mighty Earthen.

Fire (Fire)

  • Little is known about this plane.

Water (Water)

  • Little is known about this plane.

Air (Air)

  • Little is known about this plane.

The ethereal planes

Dendara (Wilderness)

  • Dendara is the primordial demesne of life, where spirits, beasts and fae-beings roam. The life of all the Wilds arises from Dendara.

Underhalls (Death)

  • The Underhalls is where all living souls go to die, where they are ultimately judged by Dhar, the Underking.

Chaos (Chaos)

  • The Chaos Plane is a realm of madness and entropic decay, formed from the overlapping etheric shadows.