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The Dreamworld, also known as the Garden of Dreams, is the created realm of Omei, the Imago and the primary source of Sapient dreams. It is a subplane of the Prime, and has existed and expanded ever since the earliest days of Sapience. Its scenery is so varied and impossible as to defy succinct description, but it represents both the Goddess' artistry and the wildest imaginings of the land's dreamers. Sleep brings living mortals close to the Dreamworld's boundaries, and many have become lost within its labyrinthine depths, never again to awaken.

The veil between the Dreamworld and the Prime is weakest within the Seer's Wood, which lies deep in the Morgun Forest. The Wood seals away the Dreamworld, which once threatened to consume the Morgun - and potentially all of Sapience - during Her time as the Beast Queen. Owing both to its presence within the Dreamworld and its relative stability, the Goddess names the wood Her sacred ground and has built Her pyramidal temple there.