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Home to a mere remnant of the daunting force once sent to ravage Ashtan by the Lady of Corruption, the Isle of Ollin can be found in the Bay of Balaton just outside of the City Reborn's limits. The island has been forcefully settled into by these Nazetu, stealing the land from the natural life that once peacefully inhabited its otherwise tranquil atmosphere and transforming it. Believing the war upon Ashtan still rages due to the risen waters around the city, the Nazetu maintain a strict order and militant stance as they await news from brethren they believe to have been victorious.

Beneath the soil, rumours speak of an intelligent animalistic race that was warped by the Nazetu's destructive wiles. Graveyards of sunken ships litter the unseen ocean floor, begging prediction that other sentient life might live within the isle's confines.