The Axiom

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The Axiom
Short namebattleaxe
Acquired fromUnique
This massive axe is roughly half as tall as the God Himself, and is forged from black, indecipherable metal. The wide blade curves down halfway past the long shaft, both giving the weapon a longer striking range and doubling as an improvisational hand-guard. The shaft itself is built out of the similar mysterious metal as the blade, with a worn leather grip wrapped around it at the bottom. At the top of the axe, on the opposite side of the main blade is a broad, flat counterweight. The edge of the weight bears many knicks and scrapes, as well as what appears to be flecks of dry dirt.
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The Axiom was a weapon belonging to Arion in his guise as Truthseeker. It was shattered by the Manipulator during events leading to the rebirth of Damariel.