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|type         = Defensive
|item_name    = White Crystal Amulet
|shortname    = amulet
|yn_wearable  = Yes
|yn_reset     = No
|source       = Each city's Research vendor
|desc         = A beautiful Delvian amulet, with a solidified ylem mist crystal.
  • type: Determines what type of item this is.
  • item_name: A full, descriptive name for the item.
  • shortname: The item's short reference name, as seen in INFO INVENTORY.
  • yn_wearable: Is the item something a player can wear?
  • yn_reset: Will the item reset to its source?
  • source: How the item is acquired. If the source is very lengthy, put "see page details". If it comes from a quest, just put "quest in <area>".
  • desc: A physical or practical description of the item.