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He is a muscular Troll and is rather small for a Troll. Although you see that his skin is green and his hair brown, you somehow feel that his heart is more like of a human. As you look at his smooth skined face you can't resist the temptation to look into his big blue eyes, strange thing for a Troll. As you focus into them, you feel a gentile wind in your face and memories of the ocean come back to you. You shake your head suddenly trying to escape the gaze of his eyes and try to focus on his nose, his lips that somehow look smaller than you expected and your now focus on a small scar like an arrow, deeply carved on his right shoulder. You move your You can do nothing but think it is a birth mark since his skin shows no other bruise, normal thing for a Troll. You try to focus further down to his muscles, yet somehow you feel the need to look back into his eyes with a nostalgy of the neverending water in your heart.

Guild: Paladins