Toxicology (skill)

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Toxicology is the art and science of poisons, rendered from beasts and plants found across Sapience. Often used as a weapon, many combatants use the venoms derived from the possess to envenom their blades and arrows in order to incapacitate and slay their enemies. The effects range from common physical ailments such as wracking pain or an inability to breathe, to the more arcane effects of pacifying the soul or preventing magical teleportation.

Skill Rank Percent Description
Secrete Inept 0% The ancient ability of producing venom.
Purge Inept 0% Cleansing your venom sacs of poison.
Sting Inept 0% Inject your foes with deadly venoms.
Sumac Inept 0% Minor damage.
Xentio Xentio 0% Loss of coordination.
Oleander Apprentice 0% Blindness.
Eurypteria Capable 0% Gives the victim delusions of invulnerability.
Kalmia Capable 25% Inhibits the respiratory system.
Strophanthus Capable 50% Cause your victim's veins to go weak and limp.
Envenom Capable 75% Dip your arrows in venom.
Digitalis Adept 0% Causes unbearable shyness.
Darkshade Adept 25% Makes the victim allergic to sunlight.
Curare Adept 50% A venom of muscular paralysis.
Epteth Adept 75% Shrivel up the arms of your unlucky victim.
Spitting Skilled 0% Spit venoms on your weapons.
Prefarar Skilled 33% Increase the recipient's sensitivity.
Monkshood Skilled 66% Disfigure your victim, causing disloyalty in those around.
Euphorbia Gifted 0% Induces spasmodic vomiting.
Colocasia Gifted 25% Gives blindness and deafness.
Oculus Gifted 50% Forces the recipient's eyelids open.
Hepafarin Gifted 75% Prevent the blood of your foe from properly clotting.
Camus Expert 0% A more powerful version of Sumac.
Jalk Expert 20% Weaken your victim's touch with devotion.
Vernalius Expert 40% A venom that weakens the muscles.
Epseth Expert 60% Cause the legs of your victim to become useless.
Larkspur Expert 80% Causes great dizziness.
Slike Virtuoso 0% Give the curse of anorexia to your victim.
Araceae Virtuoso 20% Cause your victim to feel stretched thin.
Voyria Virtuoso 40% The deadliest venom known to mankind.
Delphinium Virtuoso 60% Put your victim to sleep.
Vardrax Virtuoso 80% Drains life essence from Necromancers.
Milking Fabled 0% Milking venoms into vials.
Loki Fabled 33% An unpredictable toxin.
Aconite Fabled 66% Cause sheer stupidity in your opponent.
Selarnia Mythical 0% Forcing your victim back into mortal form.
Gecko Mythical 33% Causes the recipient to become foully oily.
Scytherus Mythical 66% A venom that thins the blood.
Transcretion Transcendent 0% The ability to instantly secrete a venom.