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Afflictions are the center of almost all PVP combat tactics, the proper curing and delivery of which is crucial to succeeding in Iron Realm Entertainment MUD combat. Most people do this through systems (IC: Reflexes) which handle curing to different degrees and aliases/macros to handle grouping all the commands for attacks into one simple command.

If you have questions about this, you may look to the forums in the Sparring Grounds or Tech Talk sub-forums, depending on what kind of help you're looking for.

There are many different ways to cure afflictions. Many classes have skills which can cure one or two random afflictions, survival has a handful of specific use cure skills, and the Tree tattoo is commonplace for combatants. The following is a list of all the afflictions and their common cures for living (herbs, smoking, elixirs, and salves) as well as undead (organ slices, tinctures, serums, and poultices.)

Consumed Herbs/Slices (Cures)
Ash/Bladder Goldenseal/Liver Kelp/Eyeball Lobelia/Testis Ginseng/Ovary Bellwort/Castorite Bloodrot/Lung Moss/Kidney
sadness self-pity baldness fear of commitment body odor overwhelming pride paralysis plodding
dementia stupidity clumsiness recklessless haemophilia pacifism slickness idiocy
hallucinations dizziness weariness masochism sunlight allergy peace earthrot cures health/mana
confusion shyness asthma/limp veins agoraphobia lethargy justice heartflutter
paranoia epilepsy sensitivity loneliness vomiting generosity
hypersomnia impatience hypochondria vertigo thin blood lover's effect
hatred dissonance blood poisoning claustrophobia addiction
blood curse insomnia berserking
outc ginseng
eat ginseng
Consumed Herbs/Slices (Gives effect)
Hawthorn/Heart Skullcap/Pineal Kola/Sulphurite Cohosh/Tongue Bayberry/Stomach Echinacea/Spleen Myrrh/Tumor Sileris/Bone
gives deathsight give energetic gives insomnia gives deafness gives blindness gives thirdeye speeds the mind hardened skin

Note: You APPLY sileris and SQUEEZE bones.

Smoked Herbs/Tinctures
Elm/Demulcent Valerian/Antispasmadic Skullcap/Sudorific
aeon slickness weapon-rebounding
hellsight disfigurement
Health/Analeptic Mana/Stimulant Levitation/Euphoric Immunity/Calmative Venom/Carminative Speed/Nervine Frost/Refrigrative
regains health regains mana gives levitation cures voyria venom defence speed defense frost defense
Epidermal/Oculi Mending/Orbis Caloric/Fumeae Mass/Pueri Restoration/Jecis
Anorexia Broken limbs Frozen Mass Defense Mangled Limbs
blood effusion Selarnia Shivering Spinal Rip
apply caloric Burning
Yellow Bile Effusion
Black Bile Effusion
Blurry vision