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On the fourteenth day of Slyphian, year 64 of the Midnight Age, TheBouchard name was granted to King Abhorash Nehekhara's fifth childe,Empress Kauller.

A close-knit House, Bouchard's members regard one another as family regardless of how the Blood may tie them together as kin. Members are dedicated to upholding the principals of honour, respect and loyalty to the House and the kinship of Undeath.

The House has committed itself to the strengthening and advancement of the Consanguine society by any means necessary. From its inception it has fought hard to combat stagnancy within the cavernous halls of Bloodloch, their resident city. Indeed, this Noble Bloodline rose up out of the stagnancy of another House, forming the Bouchard name when the leaders of old refused to lead. Choosing instead to govern themselves, the Bloodline thrives on the cooperative nature of its members each one uphold the teachings of Consanguine Empire and undeath as a means to true perfection.

Home too many natural leaders, its members hold prominent positions within Bloodloch as well as various Divine Orders. Elders administer guidance and support to new family members to direct them on the path towards immortal life and to ensure that House traditions are followed. However, self-sufficiency is regarded highly. Members are educated in the ways of the ancient order of the Kel, through the tenants of the Triad of Gods. The art of Dominance over all others within our influence is an essential element to those who join the ranks of this Great house. To those who would wish to join our ranks, know that very few survive the trials of the Triad of Gods. (HELP LAWS BOUCHARD)