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ooc: Events are divine and player driven stories that often have an impact on Aetolia as a whole.

Collected here are the recaps and summaries of notable events in Aetolia's history, taken from the Events newsboard in-game.

Candlemas's Rest The Last of the Lorewardens
The Midnight Star The Story of Celesmas
The Sacrifice of Lanos Lanos is lost into the Shadow Realm
The Awakening of the Great Oak The Formation of the Duiran Council
The Fall of House Montaganet They fed the Dowager to the guests as a potroast!
An End to the Forger The Death of Merentesh
From the Darkness comes Fire The rise of Rahn, God of Fire
The unnamed god revealed Who is this Chakrasul and what are her plans?
The Star of Truth The Shadow Realm portal opens!
The Temple of Truth Sapience exudes Truth, Severn gets angry.
Merentesh's Legacy Beware the Suicide Mice!
Boom! It looks like they missed a mouse.
The Scholar of Tattoos Sven sets up his shop in Delos
Volcanic Rumblings An earthquake near Bloodloch!
A dark ritual A jaguar spirit corrupted to guard the Chaos Plane
The return of Llazuth The Dark Queen returns.
Lleis The rebirth of the Goddess of Renewal
The fall of the priests A Revelation is bestowed.
The Orrery of the Spheres Landmarks of the Sun
The rediscovery of Spinesreach An ancient fortress discovered
A failed experiment The Demon Blade
Revelations The Rhythm of the Days were changed.
The Lion of the Mountain The Inner Citadel of Spinesreach is opened.
A new day in Spinesreach The formation of the Cabalists
The Battle of Azdun Zsarachnor versus Llazuth
An Ancient Blade Recovered The Demon Blade, pt II
The return of Gar'losha The Demon Blade, pt III
The death of Appolonia A new threat rises
The Idol of Pestilence An Ankyrean artifact revealed
Djeir An underground city revealed.
The Return of Valor and Corruption Chakrasul and Arion return.
The Essence of Corruption And thus Crystallized Corruption covered Sapience.
The Black Forest Awakens A new King arises.
The Final Stand of Thera NoT takes on a new meaning.
The Attack of the Wild Bushes Hemlock Bushes!