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A Grecht.

Bat-like humanoids, the Grecht hail from an Empire in the distant Dehkay Plateau far to the north of mainland Sapience, although small splinter communities exist elsewhere, such as the village of Arget Massai atop the Siroccian mountains. While Aetolia is still learning about this reclusive race, recent envoys have revealed that the main Empire adheres to a militaristic caste system, overseen by an Exarch. Physically, Grecht tend to feature large ears, angular features and have dark skin, ranging from pure black to greys and browns, with leathery flaps connecting their arms to their bodies, which give them a limited, soaring sort of flight.

The chiropteran Grecht inhabit the distant Dehkay Plateau, hidden high above the icy reaches of the Northern Tundra. Stark black to slate-grey in appearance, the Grecht have limited powers of flight, able to soar thanks to the thin wing-flaps connecting their arms to their bodies. Lithe and thin, the Grecht are a people well-adapted to the atmospheric reaches of their homeland.

Racial skills

Upon reaching certain levels, this race gains the following skills.

Level Name Description
1 Soaring
  • One can soar through the air for a limited time, but with improved speed.
25 Air Stability
    This is a passive skill that keeps the player from being blown around while flying.
50 Nightsight
    The player will receive the natural ability to see in the dark.
75 Lunar Regen
  • The player will regenerate health and mana while under the changing lunar influence. Will not work if you cannot see the moon above you (IE: You are underground).
100 Skyborn
  • You cannot be pulled down from the skies by a tentacle tattoo. This is a passive ability that goes on cooldown for ten minutes once it defends you, leaving you vulnerable to tentacles in that time. Additionally, Skyborn prevents you from being moved by strong winds while flying.