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                        [HOUSE LEADERS]
                       Mazhar: Ellenia         
            Divine adviser: Maghak
            The chosen of the Primus: Neoma, Ellenia, Riluo
                       City: Bloodloch

Centuries ago, This Great House was Founded by Emperor Zahmekoses Nebre'seir at the Behest of The Primus, The Ein Sof, Abhorash Nehekhara.

House Nebre'seir has had a reputation for being a House of warriors. While this is true we have expanded our ideals to encompass all forms of power. Strength of arm is easy to notice, and quite abundant, but strength can take many forms. With this recognized, several Divisions have been established to encourage a strong desire for betterment.

Roots of this Great House can be found in both the cities of Spinesreach and Bloodloch. Even membership to a Divine Order is not unheard of. While we have certain freedoms available pertaining to affiliation, your Service unto House Nebre'seir and the Blood will not abate. Merged with House Bouchard under the guidance of the Primus, Abhorash Nehekhara, House Nebre'seir has gained a powerful political reputation as the driving force within the City of Bloodloch.

While all Undead and Blooded are welcome to extend their Service to the House, not all will be accepted. Nebre'seir demands excellence and entrance unto this Court can only come from tireless commitment and notable ability. Should you choose this path, be sure to review HELP LAWS NEBRE'SEIR. You may also seek out either Kelende or one of the above mentioned Able to Induct.