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Seamlore was how the ancient Mystics of the Misty Isles interpreted the leylines. The Misty Isles was once home to major leyline nexus where seven leylines converged. Each of these leylines was known to the Mystics as a seam, and they associated distinct aspects of the world to each one. It is through their crude utilization of this leyline nexus that the Mystics became a recognizable force in the Second Mortal Epoch.

The Needle of Balance

The Needle of Balance was a giant obelisk built atop the center of the Misty Isles' leyline nexus on the Isle of Tides. It housed the Globe of Balance, one of the very first tools from Sapience capable of interaction with the leylines.

The Globe of Balance

The Globe of Balance was housed on the top floor of the Needle of Balance. It was an ancient tool - one of the very first of its kind - created by the Mystics to interact with the leyline nexus in the Misty Isles. It was considered dormant for most of its time during the Midnight Age, only being activated when it was ultimately destroyed in the events that led to the Magi guild splitting into the Ascendril and Sciomancers. This created a flare energy in the leyline nexus which allowed the Dreikathi to discover the continent of Sapience.

The Seven Seams

There were seven leylines in the Misty Isles' nexus, spreading out from the Needle like spokes on a wheel. The Mystics attributed dual aspects to each of the leylines, and gave them distinct names. It was believed that neither aspect could exist without the other, leading to the prevalent theme of Balance throughout the Isles.

Seam name Aspects
To Air and Earth
Xi Order and Chaos
Ur Life and Death
Jae Male and Female
Nux Light and Darkness
Puw Good and Evil
Giy Fire and Water