Sentinels (Guild)

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The Sentinels
Divine PatronHaern, the Hunter
RangersTirria, Elisi, Pilar, and Courene
Scout MistressCourene
Rangers of the Heartwood

From the ways set forth by the first of their kind, Huwald, the Sentinels oversee the state of the wilderness and the creatures therein first and foremost. The path of a Sentinel is not an easy one; the wilds is often unforgiving, unfair, and brutal.

As warriors of the wilds, the Sentinels use the ancient knowledge of the Dhurive, the double-bladed staff used by Huwald, to quickly cut down their prey. They are aided by the creatures of the wood, feral animal companions that may be called upon to assist the Sentinel while they are on the hunt.

A Sentinel is also knowledgeable in the field of toxicology. Utilizing the assistance of their animal companions, they are granted the use of natural snake venoms to coat their blades or envenom their traps. Altogether, the Sentinels are well-prepared to fight for the wilds.

As a Pride, the Sentinels stand together as one, bound to one another for their common cause. They stand not for good nor evil, not for light nor dark, not for mercy nor cruelty. The Sentinels stand only for the defense of what is still natural in the world, eradicating the stain of undeath from the wilds. The thrill of the Hunt courses through each hunter within the Pride, as alive and savage as any beast within the realm.