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Ways to Help

If you have free time and would like to help out, here's a list of things that can be done:

  • Check the list of wanted articles. This is automatically generated when two or more pages contain links to a page that doesn't yet exist.
Wanted Articles
  • Categorize articles. We have a list of existing categories and a list of uncategorized articles. To add an article to a category, click that page's edit link and at the bottom of the entry, type [[Category:Category Name]] (Where "Category Name" is the relevant approved, existing category) and click "Save Page". E-points if you mention what categories you added in the summary box.
View Uncategorized Categories
View Uncategorized Pages
View Uncategorized Templates
  • Expand on stubs. Stubs are articles that are far too short, and require more information. If you are feeling lazy, be sure to also mark short articles as stubs as well! You can do this by inserting {{Stub}} at the bottom of the article, above the categorization if applicable. Adding the Stub template will also automatically put that article in the Stub category. Note that creating just stubs (that is, a new page with maybe one line and {{Stub}} ) is not really any better than just leaving it blank.
Uninformative Pages
  • Expand on articles that were either copied from the game, or are poorly written.
Help Files Needing Expansion
Pages Needing an Overhaul
  • Add images to articles.
View Upload
  • Eliminate dead-end pages by adding links to other articles.
View Dead-End Articles
  • Priority pages: Sidebar!
The sidebar pages are the most visible and will probably be the first any new player will access. It is imperative that these contain useful articles.