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The Dreikathi people
DistributionLocated all over the continent of Albedos.
StrengthsAbove-average strength and intelligence.
WeaknessesInferior to the Dreikathi.
Draconic humanoids with quills protruding from their heads.

The Vierkathi are a race of draconic humanoids from the continent of Albedos, and are considered the distant kin of the Dreikathi, having evolved from wyrms. Inferior to their evolutionary cousins in all aspects, the Vierkathi nevertheless possess a formidable strength and intellect greater than the average Albedian races. For this reason, the Vierkathi are favoured by the Dreikathi, and often afforded positions of power and management. Vierkathi have beaked maws, leathery skin, and a number of quill-like spines that dot their heads and backs. They have a penchant for eating enemies they encounter, mostly alive, and they are very well known for their skills with the taming of beasts (such as the wyrms).